As the youngest of four children I learned early in life that a funny story was the surest way to carve out a piece of the conversation at the dinner table. I also quickly discovered that even the funniest real life events would gain even more laughs of approval with a healthy shake of creative embellishment or outright fabrication. Our preacher called that “lying” but writers know it better as “fiction.” In the south where I was reared this sort of story telling thrived, in spite of the preachers, in many cases passed down by word of mouth as the “Southern Yarn.” I would like to say that Mark Twain was a huge influence, and that might not even be fiction. But you might consider me more like the love child of Dr. Seuss and Calamity Jane.

Whatever the “truth” is, I just wanted to keep them laughing.

I am fortunate to have co-founded a little company called Twelve22 Productions with Tony Papa. Tony is a two-time Grammy award winning engineer who has worked with Weird Al Yankovic throughout his illustrious career. We are developing projects for TV and Film.


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